A Bit About us.......


Joe and I were once two parts of the same person...........

When we both started at Puschka within a month of each other there simply weren't enough hours to go round. This led to us working alternate shifts of the same job until someone left or got sacked!!! Luckily this is hospitality and we only had to wait a couple of months until there was enough work to go round. 

We spent 4 and 5 years respectively working in a tight nit team in one of Liverpool's best loved and highly lauded restaurants. At the same time developing our individual style and undertaking challenges such as large scale festival catering and Food related set dressing for TV and film productions. We both had the honour of working as head chef at the restaurant, during our time earning awards and featuring in two cookbooks.

After leaving Puschka, Joe and I spent time working in other restaurants, consulting on menus and pursuing individual projects. In coming back together and forming New bird we have started what we hope will be our most exciting chapter yet!!!